Deskmat Group Buy Updates

9/1 We have fulfilled and completed our 3rd GroupBuy

8/8/21 New Group Buys Open!

After 2 successful rounds of group buys we're back for a 3rd. Check out our Terrazzo Collection and if you missed out on any of our past designs our FOMO buy is open for past designs.

6/2/21 Mats SHIPPED!

Mats are all in and are schedule to ship today and tomorrow. You should have gotten an email with the tracking info. Thank you all for joining our Group Buy Round 2!

5/26/21 Mat Status

Mats are passing through customs now. Thanks for your patience!

5/3/21 Product Shipping Update 

Hi everyone just wanted to clarify and update again. The last update was that production had finished and to clarify, "the packing and shipping" was from our manufacturer to us. They are shipping to us by boat so we're about halfway through the wait time for it to reach the U.S. and we'll update when we've received the shipment. Thanks

4/18/21 Production Finished

We got word that production has finished. Packing and shipping will begin immediately

4/6/21 MOQ Met. Group Buy Ends Today

Thank you everyone for your interest and making the GB a success! We're closing orders 12 AM PST to wrap things up and prepare for production.

3/23/21 New Group Buy LIVE

The group buy on our previous mats as well as new ones are now live! We're going to be running and ending on April 6th

2/22/21 New Group Buy Pending

We had a successful first run and we're excited to announce we will be running another group buy with mats from our last run plus some new ones. Check back for more soon.


Happy New Year! All shipments are packed and ready to mail out Monday 1/4/21. Although we don't expect shipping delays please be mindful that the mail system is still pretty bogged down from the holidays. Take care!


The mats are in! We've received all stock and now are now checking for defects. We will soon pack and will begin shipping out to all the orders!


Great news! The mat stock has all finished production and are en route to us. At this rate we are a little bit ahead of schedule but please do take into account that there are shipping delays everywhere right now due to the holiday season. Still, we are excited for the news and will update you when they get in.


All the mats are now in full printing production!


Thank you everyone for the massive amounts of interest. MOQ has been met, we will accept orders till Wednesday 12/3/20.


Happy Thanksgiving! Our winner for the reddit giveaway was /u/cerbywerby we have PMed you on reddit please respond with your best mailing address for your Milky Yellows 


Group Buy Launch:  We launched the group buy last night on all 3 products and we will go to production in about a week after hitting minimum order quantities. We want to do to production ASAP because we're expecting some delays due to holidays. We are also doing a giveaway on reddit here :

Winners will be announced on Thanksgiving and on the reddit thread.